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Birds of Prey Shows and Nature Events

Birds of Prey Shows and Nature Events

Along with our feathered staff, Conservationist and Master Falconer Dale Arrowood of Winged Ambassadors will give you a live and exciting show with our Birds of Prey Show! Enjoy live flight demonstrations as you learn about Georgia’s indigenous birds of prey.

The cost per person is only $5.  Shows begin at 10:30 am 

2019 Show Dates!!!!!

April 27

May  11 and 25

June  8 and 22

July 6 , 20,  27

August  10,  24

Sept  7  , 21

Oct  5, 19 and 26

Nov 2

****Show dates are subject to change, so call ahead before coming out to the show!

Meet Liberty – Our Newest Feathered Staff Member!  

Come out and meet our new Staff member, “Liberty”! She is a beautiful Bald Eagle and is an imprinted raptor with visual problems that prevent her from being released into the wild. If she were released, she would die. Liberty arrived on July 31st at our conservancy. She has already captured our hearts and we all love her. She is beautiful and definitely sassy with a mind of her own. She would love to meet any and all who care to come out and see our educational live bird of prey show!

WELCOME to another new feathered staff member!, “BABY YURI”

Yuri is a Eurasian Goshawk.  The Eurasian Goshawk is larger than most hawk species. Yuri can grow to be as big as 22″ long and have a wingspan of 41″.

The Eurasian Goshawk is commonly found in North America, Europe & Russia. They are native to a Woodland habitat.  They hunt small birds and mammals. Their flight territory range is 1500 to 10,000 acres! They are very territorial and will attack bears or wolves if they come near its nest!  When they find a mate, they are mates for life.  In ancient times, the Eurasian Goshawk was considered a sacred bird and only allowed to be flown by nobility for falconry or hunts.

Yuri is still a baby but the newest member of our winged ambassador staff.  He will be a great addition to our live flight shows.

Meet Conservationist and Master Falconer Dave Arrowood and his Winged Ambassadors!

Dale Arrowood, Master Falconer

Dale started working with raptors in the late 60’s as a young boy grouping up on the family’s farm in Palmetto, Ga. He became interested while watching Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom” on Sunday afternoons with Jim Fowler and Marlin Perkins.

When he began to work with and learn about these beautiful creatures, he developed an interest in the ancient art and sport of falconry.

Dale continued to work and hunt with his birds of prey while serving in law enforcement. After 27 years in law enforcement, Dale was forced to retire due to a cervical injury. However, his injury did not stop his work with raptors.

Soon after retiring, a job opportunity to work at Callaway Gardens presented itself to Dale. Dale trained their birds of prey as well as opened their raptor programs. He was able to stay and lecture for four years.

Dale had the fortune to work with Jim Fowler, Okeefenokee Joe and others who later aided him in fulfilling his dream of establishing an educational show called “Winged Ambassadors.”

Over the years, Dale has trained and flown several species of falcons, hawks, owls, vultures, and eagles. His show ranges from pure falconry purposes to education, and even lecture opportunities throughout the southeast.

During his leisure time, Dale spends time in the fields with his raptor companions, spending his day looking into the skies as the bonds with his birds of prey are renewed.

Dale brings extensive knowledge into his programs and receives support from both Auburn University and his life-long hero and close friend, Jim Fowler.

Come visit Dale and his Winged Ambassadors in our outside theater and experience our Birds of Prey Show.

Snake Creek Gorge Wildflower Eco-Tours and Birds of Prey Shows

Springtime in the Snake Creek Gorge at Banning Mills presents a diverse and beautiful array of wildflowers and plants.

Every season at Banning Mills affords a beautiful nature experience on the historic and unique nature trails.

We are not a park. All guests must register at the front desk before accessing any trail systems. There is a $4.00  per person charge to hike the trails. All Proceeds are donated back to the conservancy.

Reservations are not required for the Bird of Prey Show. Please check in at the front desk 20 minutes prior to show start time for your map.


Birds of Prey Shows and Nature Events

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