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GPS Adventure Challenge

corporate team adventures

The GPS Adventure Challenge is an innovative way to build your team!

Our GPS Adventure Challenge combines adventure, technology and team building into a unique and exciting group experience. Based on the recreational sport called "geo caching", teams will learn how to use GPS devices to get from point A to point B, etc". At each point, the team must complete scenarios as to earn the right to get to the next point.Teams will be given hand held GPS devices and have to plan their strategy for locating each point. So right off the bat, your group will have to solve problems, communicate and work together.


georgia gps adventureWhen the teams arrive at each destination point, they will complete a different initiative that will focus on either a communication skill or problem solving skill or a skill that can only be completed as a group. After each initiative is completed, the group earns the right to continue on to the next site and points are awarded. The team with the most points wins. The groups will be brought back for a debrief to discuss what they learned from the experiences. This is an innovative and fun way of team building in a very beautiful and historic area!    And when you mix that with the BEST Zip lines in the World..You get the best Team Building in the land!... Call for details.

Please Note: The GPS trek is a 4 hour program. The group minimum is 8 people for one team or 14 people to have at least two teams. Please note that we require a 14 day cancellation notice. If a reserved event is cancelled less than 14 days before the scheduled trek, a 50% of the total charge will be assessed to the credit card on file.  No shows will be charged the full amount of the event. If you must move the date and it is less than the 14 day period before your reserved date, a $250.00 transfer fee will be applied to move to another date.

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We are here most everyday and welcome you to contact us at 770-834-9149 or send an email, info@historicbanningmills.com  when you are ready to plan your weekend getaway, group event, family adventure vacation or corporate retreat. Historic Banning Mills is a non-profit retreat and conservation center. Banning Mills is a non smoking facility!

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