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Monthly Specials

July Specials!

Level 2 + Power Free Fall Tour

For a limited time only, skip level one and jump straight into the action! For the month of July, book our short tour and start at level 2!  

Your first Zipline will take you 1000 feet across snake creek 200 feet off the ground. Conquer 8 sky bridges and two more super zip lines to complete level 2. Then take another 1000 foot zip line to the Adventure Tower and get ready for the ultimate leap of faith off of our 100 foot power free fall! Your last 900 foot long zip line will bring you back to the lodge.

Includes: Level 2 and two jumps off Power Free Fall

Tour Times: 10:00am and 2:00pm Monday through Friday only

*Two people minimum to book

Price: $74 per person

Take A Relax-cation

Enjoy a one night stay in one of our beautiful Creekside overlook or cabin rooms with a private in room jetted tub, a romantic dinner by candlelight, and full country breakfast the next morning. Explore the beautiful nature trails. Discover the history of the old mills. Walk along the rushing Snake Creek. Gain a new appreciation for the outdoors!

Call now and make your reservation at 770-834-9149!

*Deal is based on double occupancy*

Good For:

July 8th – 11th


Price: $199

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Why Companies Should Consider Outdoor Team Building

Why Companies Should Consider Outdoor Team Building

Team building seems to have lost its way over the past several years. Most employees hear the phrase team building by management and quickly start contemplating ways to avoid the same old same old activities.

It is important for employers and employees to fully understand the purpose and dynamics of team building activities as well as finding a resource that offers appealing activities to make the team building exercises more welcoming and well, FUN!

Team building activities are intended to improve performance in a team-based environment. Team building is one of the foundations of organizational development and morale that can be applied to companies, corporation and other groups such as sports teams, school classes, military units or flight crews. The formal definition of team-building includes:

  • *aligning around goals
  • *building effective working relationships
  • *reducing team members’ role ambiguity
  • *finding solutions to team problems
  • *Fun, our specialty, is an important component of team building, but the intent is become productive, focused, and aligned. Our activities are geared towards creating a learning environment, exceeding results and engaging team members.

Competitive activities allow teams to own their actions by producing meaningful results. Collaborative team building activities push teams to work together to produce results.

The best team building experiences are the ones that allow passionate, dedicated and talented people to give their best towards a common goal, towards a shared vision of success.

In our experience, outdoor team building works best because

  • Employees get out of the indoor office settings and into nature
  • Sunshine and outside environments increase attention for participants and lift moods/spirits
  • Outside events tend to be remembered longer.
  • Better participation because it is not the “same old, same old”
  • New Experiences tend to increase creativity, a willingness to step outside the box for new idea production, higher energy levels and productivity and yes, change does produce stress but it is a good kind of stress.
  • Effective team building will build trust among coworkers, assist in conflict resolution skills, increase collaboration and promote positive communication techniques. Every workplace will have challenges and struggles, but providing an environment where your employees can communicate, verbally and non-verbally, with respect and specific needs are key to a healthy team-based environment.

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Featured in AJC

A village of treehouses at Historic Banning Mills

Guests at Historic Banning Mills can (literally) branch out from traditional accommodations by staying in a treehouse village.

Set about 70 feet above the gorge and accessible only by rope and wood sky bridges, seven treehouse rooms offer guests a rare opportunity to find tranquility up in the leaves, complete with a slight sway in the breeze and tree trunks bursting through the floorboards and out the ceiling.

The treehouse rooms each come with a king-sized bed, gas log fireplace and lots of windows. Also, just because guests are sleeping in a tree does not mean the accommodations are without modern perks, as rooms include a microwave, small refrigerator and a jetted tub for two, as well as a Keurig coffee machine.

Treehouse rooms are $209 the first night and $189 for each additional night, double occupancy. The price includes a full country-style breakfast each morning of the stay…….READ MORE………