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Don't take your  Family & Friends  just anywhere..Make it UNFORGETABLE!!

North Georgia's, Screaming Eagle Tours at Historic Banning Mills Resort is The LONGEST & LARGEST zip line Canopy Tour (course) in the WORLD!!  Experience the best in Extreme and High Speed ziplines and Aerial adventures  **Verified by two Guinness World Records (Nov. 17th, 2012.)

 ZIP!  SOAR!  EXPLORE!!   On almost 10 miles of Zip lines & Sky Bridges in ONE place!  Soar up to 60 MPH over the Lost Gorge and Ruins of the Ghost town Banning. From Low and Slow to Extreme!!  6 Levels of Exciting Eco Zip-line Treks to choose from!

The Amazing "Flight of see Video  the Falcon" a 3400 ft long  Super eco Zipline!!  One of the LONGEST and THE MOST Exciting Ziplines in the World! For just $49.00 pp (adds another 6 Great  Zip lines on to Level 3 or above) as introductory price. Call for detailes. 

We are a Family Run & built 501c3 organization. All proceeds go to the conservancy, history center and educational programs. 
*Preserving the Snake Creek Gorge by Adventure!    Open All Year!!

Reservations & Gift certificates - 7708349149!  We CAN Email them to you!!     You MUST (call or email) to make Adventure Reservations!

zipline-safety-checkLevel #1 The Forest  & NEW  Woodland Tours
Glide along an old growth in the deep woods of hardwood forest on 9 zip lines, a sky bridge and a tower. Mostly, everyone in the family can participate, EVEN the Smaller ones down to 50lbs.  Tour Time: 1 1/2 - 2  hours. Please Note: Minimum weight is 50 lbs. Max. weight 250 for ladies and 285 for men on this tour. Discounts do not apply to the forest tour. Price: $49 per person.
*You can upgrade at the end of every tour as you progress, if TIME allows!
Level #2 Flight Pattern zip line Tour  ( Includes level 1 & 2)

Now, you are getting a little extreme with flying over 900 and 1000 foot-long Zip lines at 200 feet high over the gorge. Get up close to Mother Nature with up to 9 sky bridge walks that range up to 80 ft. in height. **Tour includes Level # 1  Forest or Woodland Tour. Tour Time: Approximately 2 to 3 1/2 hours long including instruction and gear up time. Please Note: All tours from this point on >   Minimum weight is 90 lbs + 10 years old  and a max. of 250 lbs. for ladies and 285lbs for men.  Just add  $30 - Total Price: $79 per person.


Level # 3 Pattern plus zip line Tour  ( Includes levels  1,2&3)
Gear up for some high speed thrills! This tour includes the double Big Daddy zip lines. At 1500 feet long, you can soar at speeds up to 55 mph. End the tour on our high speed 900 foot long Swoop line along the beautiful Snake Creek! Tour Time: Approximately 3 to 4 hours long including instruction and gear up time.**
Tour includes the Forest and Pattern tours. Please Note: You must be 90 lbs. + 10 years old to do this tour.  Add just $20 more - Total Price: $99 per person.

Level #4 EXTREME zip line Canopy Tour  (Includes levels  1,2,3&4)
Walk on extreme Sky bridges, traversing back and forth over the gorge at heights over 100 feet. Then onward to the 600 foot long Sky Trek Bridge 190 feet high over the Gorge. Step off a 200 foot cliff and zip line down on the 900 foot long Predator line that will bring you to One of the 1/2 mile Screaming Eagle zip lines. Experience one of the highest timber pole towers in the World. Tour Time: Approximately 4+ to 5 1/2 hours including instruction. **Tour includes the Forest, Pattern and Pattern Plus Tours. Add just $50 more - Total Price: $149 per person.

Level #5 ALL DAY RUSH zip line Canopy Tour  (Includes  Levels 1,2,3,4&5)
 UP TO  8 hours of exhilarating fun! You get all the above plus our NEW Ridge Runner Tour, the Aerial Challenge trek,  the Terminator and the Power FREE FALL!   The Ridge Runner is the Ultimate zip line. You step off the Screaming Eagle tower and hurdle down through a tunnel of trees. Before you realize it, you are at one of the ridges of the gorge and are suddenly shot out into open air. This is ONE of Seven 1/2 mile long zip lines that will surely get your heart racing and a big smile on your face!  And NOW it WILL include the NEW  "Flight of the Falcon"  3400ft. long, a Super eco Zipline!!  ( One of the Longest & THE MOST EXCITING Zip lines in the World!!) Video>  That is up to "60" different zip lines and 47 Sky bridges. Tour Time: Up to 8hrs.  Tour times start only in the morning.  Total Price: $249 per person. *Lunch with your guides is included.    ** No other Zip line canopy tour, course offers anything like this....Because they CAN'T!!


***AND NOW there is a LEVEL 6!!   The TWO DAY RUSH!!!

Level #6 (New)- THE TWO DAY RUSH!! **   Because that's just about the only way to do it ALL - Everything.. Up to 100 Different  Zip lines, YES 100 !  Plus 72 Sky Bridge walks and if you don't run out of time - 16 Hours, Two days - Anything you would like to do again!!   Only place in the World this can be done!!    Tour price: $468   Includes lunch Twice with your Guides.   No dicounts on the Two Day Rush. Call for more details.

 You CAN ADD >>THE POWER Free FALL!   "THE NEW FLIGHT of the FALCON"  a Super eco Zip line-
type ( Level 3 or above)        They are  HERE!!       All Included in the - TWO DAY Rush!!!
                                   >>THE THE TERMINATOR CORNER!
                                                            or ALL!!
,  a 100ft, 10 story free fall with a perfect landing EVERY time  with two new Zip lines AND the TERMINATOR CORNER a Aerial Adventure Challenge with four new Zip lines only for the Brave Of Heart can be added to any Adventure!   Price $29.00 each or  Both for $59.00.  

We are OPEN all year!      *Call - 7708349149 - You MUST ( Call or Email ) to make Adventure Reservations!      Open All Year!!

**For more tour info, click on a tour name on this page, or on the Zip Line Canopy Tours button on the top left side of this page.

Mission Statement:
Our mission here at Historic Banning Mills and Screaming Eagle Zipline Canopy Adventures is to help preserve God's creation by merging fun and exhilarating experiential adventure challenges with natural and historic educational opportunities. 

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