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americasbestonlineHistoric Banning Mills Zip Line Tours - Georgia

Look for Eagles Flight! Our new 1/2 mile long zip line with one of the world's highest timber pole towers. Like stepping off a 30 story building. A ride of a lifetime! Complete tour can take 2 to 3 hours.

This is the pattern tour and our really long 1500 foot zip line called the Big Daddy! You will then do a short zip to the ground and walk back to the main lodge on our beautiful trails, some of which are the old town roads and old water raceways of the ghost town of Banning.
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zipline.1022-ba04Voted best weekend getaway in Georgia!  By AJC-access Atlanta readers.

1. Historic Banning Mills in Banning Ga.

You say, "Historic Banning Mills is a great place to get away from it all. The zipline canopy tour is the best I have experienced, and we love the big wraparound porch overlooking the gorge. Simply beautiful!” Print

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Southern Living MagazineGeorgia's Best Treetop Adventure!
Voted Best weekend getaway in Georgia!
By AJC access Atlanta readers! 2010

Story By Amy Bickers
It's the "Just jump already" feeling. Standing on a platform 60 feet above the ground, my harness hooked to a thin cable strung 1000 feet across a creek, I repeat this new mantra.

My hands sweat inside thick gloves, my knees knock and my heart pounds. This is the first of five towers I'll traverse by zipping along cables high in the treetops. That is, if I can get up the nerve to jump already.

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atlanta-sports-fitness-coveFitness in Flight

Get high on fitness at The Lodges at Historic Banning Mills

Staring down at swirling waters 100 feet below my sneakers, I knew I couldn't  turn back. My legs wobbled as I lifted one foot in front of the next, gently placing them on the cable wires shaking beneath me. Since I made my way to the wooden platform, I secured myself onto the zip chord.  With my feet dangling, heart racing and palms sweating, somehow I moved my legs-which felt like rubber bands-and jumped. Suddenly, the cables held onto my waist and I propelled into the wind at highway speed.

Panting, I could barely make sense of the trees zooming by my head, swirling into an array of vibrant colors as they passed me. Before I made it to the other side, taking in the fresh air, the cool breeze and the electrifying view, I thought to myself, "What a workout!"
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go-magazine-coverPicture yourself high up in a lush forest canopy, soaring 200 feet in the air among the treetops and tiptoeing across a 600-foot-long sky bridge over a gorge.

Now relax, because you're strapped onto a steel cable. Historic Banning Mills' pulse-pounding course - which includes one of the longest zip lines in the country at 2,400 feet long - provides spectacular views and will leave you breathless and begging for more.

Historic Banning Mills is family friendly and is great for wildlife watching, photo ops and an extreme adventure rush!

There are five tours to choose from.

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CBS Atlanta broadcast this story about Historic Banning Mills

Zipline Adventure. Appearing on their Better Morning show, Brandon Rudat did his own adventure at Screaming Eagle eco Zip line tours/Historic Banning Mills and shared it with CBS Atlanta viewers. You can watch his adventure here!  

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wsb-tv2bCheck out the Hidden Gorge at Banning Mills as seen on WSB 2 Atlanta with John Pruitt. This broadcast was featured three times on WSB TV's BEST OF Georgia's Hidden Treasures WSB TV 2, Atlanta, GA.

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