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DON"T take your Friends & Family Just Anywhere for their Zipling Experience!!  Make it UNFORGETTABLE!

Level 1 ( Forest or Woodland Tour) $49.00 per person
Level 2 (Just add $30.00 to Level 1):   $79.00 per person total ( Flight Pattern Tour)

Level 3  (Add $20.00 more to Level 2):  $99.00 per person total (Pattern PLUS Tour)

Level 4  (Add $50.00 more to Level 3) $149.00 per person total (EXTREME Tour)

Level 5  ALL Day Rush : $249.00 per person for Everything! Well.. Almost everything! As many Different Zip lines, Sky bridges and Aeriel Adventures you can do in 8 hours! That's up to 60 Zip lines and 47 Sky Bridges out of 100 Zip lines *Price includes a Great Full Lunch with your Guides! (ALL Day RUSH)

 *Level #6 (New)THE TWO DAY RUSH!! **   Because that's just about the only way to do it ALL - Everything.. Up to 100 Different  Zip lines, YES 100 !  Plus 72 Sky Bridge walks, Free Fall, Aeriel Adventures and if you don't run out of time - 16 Hours, Two days!  Anything you would like to do again!!   Only place in the World this can be done!!    Tour price: $468   Includes lunch Twice with your Guides-FOOD.    Call for more details.

 Please remember that discounts and coupons do not apply to the Level 1 tours or All Day Rush tours.

We do allow guests to bring their own cameras to take photos. Please make sure you have a wrist strap or neck strap to secure to yourself. As an option: Our guides (not professional photographers) do take photos of each tour that goes out. Photos are of the whole group and all the photos are emailed to each person in the group who purchases them.

Prices of photos are:

Before going on the tour:   $7.00 per person for each person in the reservation. (ex: three guests in a reservation would be $21.00) and each would receive the photos.     Best deal in the Universe!
After the tour:  $9.00 per person for each person in the reservation.
Please note: we do our best to get all photos back to the main lodge for our guests to see them. Sometimes, due to part of the group being far along down the gorge, the photos are not tramsmitted immediately. If you are not able to view the photos immediately, you can either wait and view them when they come in or take a chance on what you might receive or not purchase them. We do not charge a guest for photos until after they leave and they verify that they wish to receive the emailed photos. Once the photos are emailed, we will not be able to refund a guest for any part of the photo charge..  


**You MUST (Call or Email) to make all Adventure Reservations!!

Open All Year!!

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