Banning Mills March 20, 2018 0


Monthly Specials

August Specials!

Level 2 + Power Free Fall Tour

For a limited time only, skip level one and jump straight into the action! For the month of August, book our short tour and start at level 2!  

Your first Zipline will take you 1000 feet across snake creek 200 feet off the ground. Conquer 8 sky bridges and two more super zip lines to complete level 2. Then take another 1000 foot zip line to the Adventure Tower and get ready for the ultimate leap of faith off of our 100 foot power free fall! Your last 900 foot long zip line will bring you back to the lodge.

Includes: Level 2 and two jumps off Power Free Fall

Tour Times: 10:00am,  2:00pm, and 3:30pm Sunday through Friday!

*Two people minimum to book

Price: $74 per person