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It’s Official!!

Guinness World Records


AND, we could very well be one of the Safest! type courses. Our Zipline Canopy Tours are the only courses with a Patented, Closed Belay System installed from start to end! No more transfer 1& are never disconnected until you are on the ground!

The World’s Longest & Largest Zipline Canopy Tour. We have 6 levels to choose from: (About 51,000 lineal feet) That’s almost 10 miles of Zip lines and GIANT Sky Bridges (Some 600 feet long) at Historic Banning Mills Adventure Park! We were and Are the pioneers in high speed and extreme zip lines. The best and extreme zip line canopy tours in the world!

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New for 2017!

Want to do something new at Banning Mills? Try our new tour package with special pricing for 2017 only “Two Springs for 2017”

You will experience the beautiful Two Springs tour with routes around our lake, the 100 ft Power Free Fall and the Flight of the Falcon. Then come back for lunch and a time to discuss all the amazing views and fun zip lines that you just finished doing.

$175.00 pp (with lunch) (Minimum wt is 115 lbs)

RSVP required. Offer good thru December 31st, 2017

This tour requires reservation and completion by Dec. 31st to receive the special pricing. Must have a minimum of two participants to open this tour.

Level 1: Forest or Woodland Tour

On the Forest and Woodland Canopy Tours, you will enjoy 9 zip lines, one or two Sky Bridges, and a tower. Our Level 1 zipline courses were designed with families in mind so that younger family members can participate.

Tour Time: 
1 – 1 ½ hours.
(Times are estimates and depend on fear factor, group number, and physical ability.)

Price: $49 per person.

Level 2: The Flight Pattern Zip Line Canopy Tour Course

Now, you are getting a little extreme!
Fly over 900 and 1000 foot-long zip lines at 200 feet high over the gorge. **These are not baby ziplines! Get up close to Mother Nature with another 9 sky bridge walks that range up to 80 ft. in height. On this tour: Experience a total of 12 ziplines and up to10 sky bridges.

Tour time: Approximately 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours.

(Times are estimates and depend on fear factor, group number, and physical ability.)

**This tour includes the Forest tour.
Just add $30 to the level 1 price – Total Price: $79 per person.

Level 3: The Flight Pattern PLUS Zip Line Canopy Tour Course

Are you ready for High Speeds?  This tour includes the double Big Daddy Zip Line!
At 1500 feet long, you can soar at speeds up to 55 to 60 mph.  End the tour at another high speed, 900-foot long Swoop line along the beautiful Snake Creek

Tour time: Approximately 2 ½ – 3 ½ hours.
(Times are estimates and depend on fear factor, group number, and physical ability.)

**This tour includes the Forest and Pattern tour.
Total Price: $99 per person.

Level 4: The EXTREME Zip Line Canopy Tour Course

Our guides will lead you onto high, extreme sky bridges that traverse back & forth over the gorge at heights over 100 feet!
Then, onward to the SKY TREK BRIDGE that is 600 feet long and 190 feet high over the gorge.  Next, step off a 20-foot cliff and zip line down on the 900-foot long PREDATOR line that will bring you to one of the SCREAMING EAGLE ZIP LINES.  Experience the highest timber pole tower in the world and of course the half-mile long high-speed SCREAMING EAGLE ZIP LINES.  It is like stepping off a 30 story building!
Tour time: Approximately 3 ½ – 4 hours.

(Times are estimates and depend on fear factor, group number, and physical ability.)

**This tour includes the Forest, Pattern & Pattern Plus tours.
Total Price: $149 per person.

Level 5: The ALL DAY RUSH (ADR) Canopy Tour Course

We jam pack some amazing aerial adventures in “one” 8 hour period to include: level 1 – 4 tours,  Ridge Runner Tour, Flight of the Falcon, the Aerial Adventure Challenge Park called the Terminator, and the Power free fall: whatever you can fit into the 8 hour period.  The Ridge Runner Tour is an Ultimate Zip line tour.  You step off the Screaming Eagle Tower and hurdle down through a tunnel of trees at a speed that will almost take your breath away before you realize it, you are at one of the ridges of Snake Creek  Gorge and suddenly shot out 20 stories HIGH into the open air.  This is ONE OF FIVE – 1/2 – mile long Super zip lines that will surely get your heart racing and bring a big smile to your face!  The AMAZING FLIGHT OF THE FALCON-One of our Longest Extreme Zip lines at 3400 ft long!– Fly down like Super Man! Don’t forget the 100 ft Free Fall! A true “Step of Faith”

To do the All Day Rush tour: you must weigh a minimum of 115 lbs since it includes the Flight of the Falcon.

Level 6: The TWO DAY RUSH Canopy Tour Course

Level #6 The two DAY RUSH!  The Two Day Rush at Banning Mills is the ONLY way to do our entire zip line course WITHOUT having to do anything twice!


The Two Day Rush is 16 hours of extreme zip line adventure. Enjoy 100 zip lines, 72 sky bridges, and if there’s time left, anything else you would like to do again! We are the only zip line course in the world that offers a tour like this!

Tour Time: 16 hours (two consecutive 8 hour days)  (includes gear up and instruction)

Price: $468 (Price includes lunch both days at the main lodge with your guides)

NO discounts available for the Two Day Rush Tour.

Two Springs Tour

Experience 18 zip lines ranging from 180′ long up to the 1800′ ‘Screamer’ and 8 cable/traverse bridges that zigzag across the beautiful Two Springs Lake. Enjoy a gorgeous view of the lake and giant Oak trees on these faster, more advanced zip lines anywhere from 20′-150′ high. This course will also include Level One Beginning Forest Tour.

Zip Line Canopy Tours FAQ's

Get ready for the ultimate thrill! You must be able to climb two 65 foot towers a 100 ft tower and maybe a 150ft tower. Must have good balance capabilities and be able to walk on uneven terrain, have full range of motion in both of your upper and lower extremities and be able to control one’s speed of travel along the zip lines by resting your gloved hand on the pulley and cable systems if necessary. Must be able to understand verbal instructions and be able to pull yourself along cables  in case you lose momentum before reaching any said platform.

(Forest/Woodland tour): we allow a minimum weight of 50lbs and 8 years old. All other tours: minimum weight of 90 lbs and 10 years old. Max weight for ladies is under 250 lbs and for the guys: under 285 lbs. We will weigh our guests if we deem it necessary. The Flight of the Falcon: minimum weight is 115 lbs.  No exceptions due to the length of this zipline.

There must be at least two participants to do any of the aerial adventures.

This is not recommended for those with moderate to severe heart and/or respiratory difficulties, recent surgeries,  any time beyond the first trimester pregnancies or those with moderate to severe musculo-skeletal problems. You must have full range of motion, use of both lower and upper extremities. This is considered a moderate to heavy physical workout!