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Level 5:

The ALL DAY RUSH (ADR) Canopy Tour Course

The All Day Rush (ADR) Zip Line Tour at Historic Banning Mills is eight hours of extreme fun without having to do any of the course twice! 

There is no other experience like this in the world of zip line. As much fun as you can fit in 8 hours!

We jam pack some amazing aerial adventures in “one” 8 hour period to include: level 1 – 4 tours,  Ridge Runner Tour, Flight of the Falcon, the Aerial Adventure Challenge Park called the Terminator, and the Power free fall: whatever you can fit into the 8 hour period.

The Ridge Runner Tour is an Ultimate Zip line tour.  You step off the Screaming Eagle Tower and hurdle down through a tunnel of trees at a speed that will almost take your breath away before you realize it, you are at one of the ridges of Snake Creek  Gorge and suddenly shot out 20 stories HIGH into the open air.

This is ONE OF THREE – 1/2 – mile long Super zip lines that will surely get your heart racing and bring a big smile to your face!  The AMAZING FLIGHT OF THE FALCON-One of our Longest Extreme Zip lines at 3400 ft long!– Fly down like Super Man! Don’t forget the 100 ft Free Fall! A true “Step of Faith”

To do the All Day Rush tour: you must weigh a minimum of 115 lbs since it includes the Flight of the Falcon.

The All Day Rush tour!  The only one like it in the World!

The ADR allows guest to experience extreme aerial adventures in an eight hour period. It can include levels 1-4 plus the Ridge Runner Tour, the Aerial Adventure Challenge Park (AKA the Terminator Corner), The Flight of the Falcon and our 100 Foot Power Free Fall! The Ridge Runner Tour is an Ultimate Zip line Experience. After climbing our Screaming Eagle Tower, you step off a platform and fly through a tunnel of trees at breath-taking speeds. Before you know it, you find yourself at one of the ridges of Snake Creek Gorge and 20 stories (200 FEET) above the ground. This is just ONE of THREE- ½ – mile long zip lines that will get your heart racing and put a BIG smile on your face! The 100 ft Free Fall is breathtaking and the Flight of the Falcon is our longest zip line at 3400 ft long: Fly like Super Man!

Tour Time: Up to 8 hours (including gear up and instruction)

Price: $249 per person (price includes lunch at the main lodge with your guides). NO discounts for the All Day Rush

Please Note: Guests must weigh at least 115 lbs. for the ADR Tour, men must weigh no more than 285 lbs. and women no more than 250 lbs. There must be at least two participants to open an All Day Rush Tour.

Highlights of the All Day Rush Tour Adventure you may experience on the all-day rush, as much adventure as you pack in two 8 hour days.

Our Beginning Tours: Forest Tour OR Woodland Tour OR Both

First Tower & Takeoff Zip Lines: 65-foot tower with a set of parallel 1,000-foot long zip lines

Big Daddy & I’m a Big Daddy 2 “IB2” Zip Lines: Parallel 1,500 foot long extreme zip lines

Swoop Zip Line: 900 foot, high-speed extreme zip line! Fly down the middle of beautiful Snake Creek over the rapids!

Predator Zip Line: 900 foot, high-speed zip line that begins on a 200-foot cliff

High Traverse Sky Bridges: Sky Bridge traverses that are 60-100 feet high over the rapids of Snake Cree and/or in the trees. A beautiful eco-trek!

Sky Trek Bridge: 600 feet long and over 180 feet high (18 stories) over Snake Creek Gorge. No other sky bridge in North America is like this!

Ridge Runner Zip Lines: ½ mile long, high-speed zip line (One of the BEST thrills in the zip line world!)

Two Springs Tour: Another 22 zip lines over the water!        

Adventure Tower & Power Free Fall: Enjoy more zip lines and our ten stories free fall with a perfect landing

Triple Screaming Eagle Zip Lines: Our famous half mile, high-speed zip lines that will give you a heart-pumping adrenaline rush

The Amazing Flight of the Falcon: 3,400-foot super-eco zip line. One of the longest and most exciting zip lines in the WORLD. Also includes six additional zip lines and two sky bridges

And much more to enjoy!

We are the only zip line course in the world that can offer this! Enjoy eight hours, up to 60 different zip lines and 47 sky bridges (out of 107 and 72 sky bridges).

Open all year, we are the BEST VALUE in the zip line World!

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Level 5:

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