Zip Line

Zip Line Canopy Tour Prices

The prices for zip line tours at Historic Banning Mills vary depending on which level tour you choose.

Level 1: Forest Tour or Woodland Tour: $49 per person

Level 2:  Flight Pattern Tour: $79 per person

Level 3:  Pattern Plus Tour: $99 per person

Level 4: Extreme Tour: $149 per person

Level 5: All Day Rush: $249 per person

Level 6:  Two Day Rush: $468 per person

Level 7:  Two Springs Tour: $99.00 per person (This is not the Two Springs package deal)

**2 person minimum to do any of our aerial adventures**

Add-On Options:

Ridge Runner Tour: 
Add on to level 3 or 4 at $29.00 pp. Get another half mile long line plus 3 other long zip lines and canopy walks far down into the Snake Creek Gorge. Beautiful views and amazing zip lines! $29.00 per person.

Flight of the Falcon:
Must be at least 115 lbs to do this add-on due to the line being 3400 ft long. Fly like superman down the Snake Creek Gorge. Then traverse another four zip lines and two sky bridges. Add on to level 3 or 4 only. $49.00 per person.

Power Free Fall: 
First step at 100 ft high! Add on to level 2 thru 4. $29.00 per person.

Terminator Corner:
An extreme aerial adventure course that will be sure to get your heart racing. Not for the faint of heart! Add on to level 2 thru 4. $29.00 per person.

: If you just want to do the Terminator course only, we will open the course for a group of 10 or more at a rate of  $49.00 per person.

Photo Pricing:
One photo: $10.00 per person, Three photos at $15.00 per person or All photos is $20.00 per person. Photos can be viewed after the tour in our gift shop and ordered from there. Please note that after 10:00 pm, the photos automatically clear out of the system. If you try to order at a later date, we will Not be able to recover them to email to you.

Note: Please note that when a guest purchases his/her photos, there will be no refunds after the photos are emailed and/or the guest leaves the facility.

Please note that discounts and coupons do not apply to the following tours: Level #1, All Day Rush, or Two Day Rush

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NOTE: At this time, discount codes do not work for ONLINE RESERVATIONS. To use a code and receive your discount, please CALL 770-834-9149.

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