Zip Line

Zip Line Canopy Tour Prices

The prices for zip line tours at Historic Banning Mills vary depending on which level tour you choose.

Level 1: Forest Tour or Woodland Tour: $49 per person

Level 2:  Flight Pattern Tour: $79 per person

Level 3:  Pattern Plus Tour: $99 per person

Level 4: Extreme Tour: $149 per person

Level 5: All Day Rush: $249 per person

Level 6:  Two Day Rush: $468 per person

Level 7:  Two Springs Tour: $99.00 per person (This is not the Two Springs package deal)

**2 person minimum to do any of our aerial adventures**

Add-On Options:

Ridge Runner Tour: 
Add on to level 3 or 4 at $29.00 pp. Get another half mile long line plus 3 other long zip lines and canopy walks far down into the Snake Creek Gorge. Beautiful views and amazing zip lines! $29.00 per person.

Flight of the Falcon:
Must be at least 115 lbs to do this add-on due to the line being 3400 ft long. Fly like superman down the Snake Creek Gorge. Then traverse another four zip lines and two sky bridges. Add on to level 3 or 4 only. $49.00 per person.

Power Free Fall: 
First step at 100 ft high! Add on to level 2 thru 4. $29.00 per person.

Terminator Corner:
An extreme aerial adventure course that will be sure to get your heart racing. Not for the faint of heart! Add on to level 2 thru 4. $29.00 per person.

: If you just want to do the Terminator course only, we will open the course for a group of 10 or more at a rate of  $49.00 per person.

Photo Pricing:   ****FREE**** 

Photos are emailed out to the guest at the end of the business day.  If you’d like your free photos, please provide our guest representative with your email address.  Each participant must provide an email address to receive photos.  Photos include a copyright release so that you may print and share at your leisure!

Please note that discounts and coupons do not apply to the following tours: Level #1, All Day Rush, or Two Day Rush

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NOTE: At this time, discount codes do not work for ONLINE RESERVATIONS. To use a code and receive your discount, please CALL 770-834-9149.

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