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*New* Our Zip Line & Adventure Tours Include Free Photos

Our team of experienced Guides will capture your Zip Line and Adventure Experience while you are on the course. Provide us with your email address and we will send you all the photos taken while on your adventure! Each participant that wishes to receive photos must provide a valid email address.


Share your experience on social media by tagging @banningmills or #banningmills and join our adventurous community! Our top advocates on social media have a chance at winning exclusive deals and special promotions!


We believe your memories should be yours to take home and enjoy for years to come! We won’t charge you for the memories captured on your experience and hope to create great content to remind you of the incredible time you had with your friends and family!

Reservations are highly recommended to ensure we will have a tour ready for you when you arrive! Your Photo ID and the Credit Card on file are required at check in. This is to protect against unauthorized use. Thank you for your understanding.

Experience the BEST & LARGEST Zip Line Adventure Park Resort in the World (Verified by Guinness World Records)! Extreme Adventure, Tree Houses & other Lodging, Day Spa, Horseback Riding, On-Site Chef and much more. Conveniently located in North Georgia, only 45 minutes West of Atlanta. We have something for all ages!

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Have you seen our ads? What you might not know is we’re partnered through our advertising efforts with Eden Reforestation Projects, who plant trees for every thousand impressions we receive through our ads! We’re so excited to have this opportunity to give back to Mother Nature through our advertising efforts and are so thankful for groups like Eden Projects for making it possible!

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Plan Your Stay

There’s so much to see and do, we know sometimes a day trip just isn’t quite enough time to reach that level of adventure and relaxation in nature that you desire. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered! With onsite dining, free access to wifi and other amenities, and tons of lodging options to choose from, your getaway can last as long as you like! Our staff are here to make our home feel as much like your home as possible! Are you ready to gently sway to sleep in one of our tree houses, catch up on some work by the pool, embark on a tour through the tree canopy, or enjoy a candle lit gourmet dinner on our tree terrace?

Where Did Zip Lines Come From?

Guinness Book Of World Records

The longest zip wire course (combined length) is Screaming Eagle (USA) measuring 11.92 km (39,127 ft) at Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg, Georgia, USA, and verified on 17 November 2012. At the time our course was measured it consisted of 135 ziplines including the 3,000 ft Flight of the Falcon, and would take approximately 12 hours to complete the entire course.

The tallest artificial climbing wall measures 41.89 m (137.42 ft) and was constructed at Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg, Georgia, USA. Our climbing wall was measured on 9 December 2011. It was measured by William Hutson (Land surveyors & engineers, state of Georgia, License LS002312) of Georgia & West Inc., using a Topcon GTS 233W total station laser measuring device. The wall was climbed by Kalib Robertson, an experienced climber, in approximately 12 minutes on 9 December 2011.

We want your stay at Historic Banning Mills to be as enjoyable as you could possibly imagine.  We are situated in historic Snake Creek Gorge.  When you visit Historic Banning Mills you can expect to be greeted by a serene natural environment.  While we offer modern amenities, being in a gorge presents challenges for modern conveniences like high speed WIFI while you are out enjoying the natural environment of Historic Banning Mills.  You will have WIFI service in certain areas around the property, but it is not high speed. We do have high speed WIFI available at the main lodge with dedicated WIFI in our meeting spaces for our corporate guests.