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Birds of Prey Shows Banning Mills

Birds of Prey Shows Starting Back at Banning Mills

It’s almost time for the Birds of Prey Show to be back at Historic Banning Mills! The Birds of Prey Show is a fun and unique way to spend a few hours on a Saturday with your family at Historic Banning Mills!

The Birds of Prey Show is led by Conservationist and Master Falconer Dall Arrowood of Winged Ambassadors. His live and exciting show will introduce to our feathered staff as you learn all about the amazing indigenous birds of prey in the state of Georgia.

The show is a fun, and educational experience for the entire family! The cost is only $5 per person, so come out and enjoy this enriching experience with us.


Click HERE to see the Birds of Prey Show Dates

Please note that show dates are subject to change. Call ahead to 770-834-9149 before coming out to the show, just to make sure.

For more educational adventures at Banning Mills, check out our Ancient Art of Falconry program, or our Live Flight Falcon Hunts! Ancient Art of Falconry will allow you to not only learn about the art of falconry but give you a chance to experience live handling of some of our birds of prey! Our Live Flight Falcon Hunt will allow you to experience our birds of prey as they hunt for small game.

For any questions, email info@historicbanningmills.com or call 770-834-9149.