Can You Zipline In The Rain?

Zip lining is an outdoor adventure activity, which allows participants to connect with nature in ways unlike any other activity. It allows us to navigate through the tree canopy and soar through the sky from trees and towers. Many of our guests often ask us what happens to the tour if it rains. Is it even safe to be out in the trees while it’s raining? The truth is, zip lining in the rain is sometimes more fun!

We allow tours to go out during the rain as long as there isn’t lightning in the area. During storms, we keep a close eye on the weather and have procedures in place to ensure everyone out in the trees is as safe as possible. When it’s just raining, zip lining takes on a whole new level of adventure! Zip line trolleys operate by having wheels with bearings roll down the cable you’re attached to. What happens when it rains? There’s less friction on the cable, leading to a sometimes faster ride down the zip line!

Don’t let that additional acceleration fool you. All of our zip lines are professionally engineered to ensure participants arrive to the end of the zip line at an appropriate speed, and during our gear up speeches at the beginning of the tour, we teach you how to slow yourself down should you need to. We also have guides at the beginning and end of every zip line you ride to assist when needed!

Riding a zip line in the rain is safer than driving your car in it! So you might as well be up in the trees with us! Banning Mills comes alive in the rain and allows you to experience nature and gain an appreciation for weather conditions like never before. Don’t be deterred by the weather, it’s just another way to have fun!

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