Eco Spider ATV Tours

The Eco-Spider by Swin Car is a powerful and rugged four-wheeled electric vehicle with spider-like arms that move independently to tackle tough off-road terrain, working with the power of gravity and centrifugal force. The pendulum seat allows the driver to remain level and keeps all four wheels in contact with the ground on the steepest inclines and while climbing obstacles.

The friendly to use controls grouped around the steering wheel make driving easy. The SWINCAR e-Spider is controlled using hands only, making it very accessible, even to persons of reduced mobility.

SWINCAR combines high performance and great driving sensation with silent running and low environmental footprint. A one of a kind eco tour adventure!

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Guided E-Spider Tours

60-90 minute tour: single rider: $139.00

60-90 minute tandem tour: two riders: $199.00

Tour time varies based on tour size, necessary instruction, and rider comfort while driving.

*Call and ask us about our handicap access option.

*Call and ask us about group rates.

*Tour times are estimated and include training on operation.

FYI: Please read below for restrictions on drivers and riders.

*All drivers must have use of their upper extremities, no visual impairments that can’t be corrected with visual aids and must be able to hear and understand verbal commands.

*All participants will be required to wear helmets.

*All Drivers must present a valid drivers license before starting their tour.

*Drivers must be able to demonstrate driving ability during the training session before going out on course.

*Swincar guided tours are for drivers 16 years and older for single cars and 18 years or older for tandem cars, 6’5″ tall max height and 285lbs max weight. Tandem Swincars: the maximum weight is 500 lbs in total .

(children under 12 are not allowed on tandems)

*ALL experiences require a signed waiver, with a parent/guardian signature for guests younger than age 18.