NEW All Terrain Adventures

Join us for a BRAND NEW Adventure around Historic Banning Mills! Buckle up for a ride unlike any other on our new Swincar Adventure Trek!

What is a Swincar?

A Swincar is an all terrain vehicle that’s completely electric! These vehicles create no motor noise so as to not disturb nature! They have independent suspensions and electric motors on every wheel, giving it 4-wheel drive capabilities. The vehicle’s arms can pivot and rotate to adjust to terrain, meaning your ride is smooth and unencumbered by ditches, boulders, stumps, and nearly every type of terrain! These vehicles are incredibly fun to drive and allow users to access trails and paths in new and exciting ways! Swincars are also handicap accessible, allowing participants with limited mobility to operate the vehicle and access areas that might otherwise be very difficult to reach! Hop on one of our Swincars and explore the vast old town roads of Banning where you’ll encounter ruins from the old paper and pulp mills that still reside on our property.

Historic All Terrain Tours Coming Soon!

Our Historic All Terrain Tours are currently in development and are planned to open soon!

On this tour you’ll embark on a guided adventure around the trails and old town roads of Banning Mills where you’ll encounter the ruins and unlock the history of Banning Georgia, a town famed for the introduction of electricity and the modernization of paper production to the state of Georgia. 

Our tours will include a safety briefing where we’ll teach you all about Swincars and how they operate before embarking on your journey. Our tours will be guided and you’ll have an experienced guide with you at all times.

Please check back soon for more information on when our Historic All Terrain Tours will be open!