Historic Banning Mills

The Lodges at Historic Banning Mills


Level 1 – $59 per person 1-1 ½ hours to complete

Level 2 – $89 per person 2-3 hours to complete

Level 3 – $109 per person 3-4 hours to complete

Level 4 – $169 per person 4-5 hours to complete

All Day Rush – $279 per person 8 hours (lunch included)

Two Day Rush – $519 per person Two 8 hour days (lunch included)

Custom Zipline Tour:

Two Springs: $99 per person 3-3 ½ hours to complete

Add-on Adventure:

Ridge Runner: $39 per person ****Must be added to level 3 or higher.

Flight of the Falcon: $49 per person ****Must be added to level 3 or higher.

Power Free Fall: $39 per person ****Must be added to level 2 or higher

Rock Climbing Wall: 1 hour climb $35 per person  – See restrictions below for Adventure tower
1 ½ hour climb $40 person
2 hour climb $45 person

Terminator Corner: $39 per person ****Must be added to level 2 or higher

Adventures for Kids!

Crazy Squirrel Village (ages 4 and up)

Level 1: $29.95 per person

Level 2: $64.95 per person

Combo (level 1 +2): $79.95 per person


Please register at the main lodge to hiking – $7 per person

Horseback Riding:

***must be 10 years old to ride***

1 hour – $74 per person

2 hour – $99 per person (must have experience riding horseback)

***Subject to change depending upon weather & availability of wrangler


**Minimum of 2 people for single kayaks and minimum of 4 for tandem kayaks**

7-mile trek – $79 per person

**Subject to change depending on weather, water conditions & availability of guide. Includes gear, kayak and facilitator. Must be at least 12 years of age. Minimum of 2 to schedule a trip. Must wear some type of shoes.

Descriptions of Zipline Levels:

Level 1: Forest/Woodland Nine Zip lines, one Sky Bridge and one tower. Must be 50 lbs & 8yrs of age.

Level 2: Flight Pattern Tour Continue on from level to experience three additional zip lines, two of which are 1000’ in length, and up to eight additional Sky Bridge Tree Walks. Must be 90 lbs & 10 yrs of age.

Level 3: Flight Pattern Plus Continuing on from level2, you will experience our high speed, 1500’ long Big Daddy and Swoop line that skims you right over the Snake Creek rapids. Tour ends with a short scenic walk back to the Main Lodge. Must be 90 lbs & 10 yrs of age.

Level 4: Extreme Tour After enjoying the Forest, Pattern tour, the Big Daddy high speed zip line continue on to the high, extreme sky bridges. Experience “Sky Trek Bridge” at 600 feet long and over 180 feet high!!! Discover the “Predator”, a 900 ft high-speed zip over the gorge. Then, on to one of our famous half mile long ’Screaming Eagle’ Zip line! Complete all this PLUS two more zip lines back across the gorge. That’s 19 great zips and up to 20 sky bridges. Must be 90 lbs & 10 yrs of age.

All Day Rush: All Day Adrenaline Rush Experience up to 60 Zip lines (Three of which are 1/2 mile long) and growing, 42 Sky bridges, the Terminator Corner, the Ridge Runner tour, Flight of the Falcon (3400 ft line that is the longest in the Mainland USA. Up to 8 hours worth of pure adrenalin without having to do anything twice! Lunch included. Must be 90 lbs & 10 yrs of age. The Two Springs Course: Experience 18 zip lines ranging from 180’ long up to the 1800’ ‘Screamer’ and 8 cable/traverse bridges that zig zag across the beautiful two springs lake. Enjoy a gorgeous view of the lake and giant Oak trees on these faster, more advanced zip lines anywhere from 20’ – 150’ high. This course will also include Level One Beginning Forest Tour. Must be 90 lbs & 10 yrs of age.

Free Standing Climbing Wall and Adventure Tower

The world’s tallest free standing climbing wall and adventure tower in the world is now open and can be done by itself or as an add-on to one of the many adventure trek opportunities.   At 140ft high, we have 4 lanes and 2 rappel walls.  A beginner can try our 5.5 route or if you want to try something that will mentally and physically challenge yourself we have a 5.12 route.  With 4 overhangs, a traversing overhang and chimney, each route is unique and dynamic.  And, if you get to the top, you will be rewarded with a breath taking panoramic view of the Snake Creek Gorge.  You will feel absolutely on top of the world!   Because our climbing wall is so tall, we only allow climbs that are staff assisted. So, yes, you need to make a reservation to try this amazing wall out.

You must weigh a minimum of 60 pounds and a maximum of 285 pounds.  Participants must be 8 years old to try the wall.

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PLEASE NOTE: You Must Make Reservations.

Historic Banning Mills

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