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Safety First!

Screaming Eagle Zip Line Canopy Tours at Banning Mills is one of the most experienced zip line canopy tours. And we are constantly looking for a safer experience for each of our participants. With our New Closed Belay System on each of our courses (from start to end,) you are never disconnected! You can be sure that safety always comes first for us. We take our safety standards seriously so that you can have an amazing experience while zip lining with us! Thousands have had memorable and fun experiences with us since first opening in 1999. All of our zip lines, towers, and other adventure trek pieces have been designed and built by American Adventure Park Systems, Banning Mills’ own maintenance and construction team.

Expertise at Banning Mills

Screaming Eagle Adventures at Banning Mills is one of the FIRST professionally installed zip line adventure courses in the United States.  Owner/Operator and former Special Ops/U.S. Army Ranger, Aviator, Mike Holder, helped design and construct ziplines for mountaineering training and combat demonstration purposes at Ft. Benning, GA, as well as around the world. Mike’s military and zip line expertise have aided in the success of Screaming Eagle Adventures at Banning Mills. All of our courses, as well as others we build, are professionally designed, constructed, installed, inspected and maintained.

Certification & Associations

American Adventure Park System is an accredited Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the ACCT in the Design, Build, Train & Supply Adventure Park Industry.   We adhere to or exceed this organization rigorous safety (ANSI & ASTM) standards and inspections.  Outside professional vendors provide annual inspection and updates for certification, i.e. equipment, training and our course.  In addition, we conduct and document our own daily system and in-use equipment inspections.  We check for wear, serviceability, and other potential safety issues.

ACCT – Association of Challenge Course Technology is the world’s leading and largest trade organization an sets the standard for developing and running challenge courses and zip line canopy tour programs.  For more information on this organization and its safety standards, please visit

We use and are distributors for the following state of the art equipment:

  • Petzl Inc.
  • Robinson Mountaineering (we help develop new equipment as well)
  • Head Rush Tech
  •  zipStop
  • Tru Blue Belay
  • Quick Jump
  • Power Fan
  • Vertical Trek Innovations for QuickTrekker Continuous Belay Systems – The only continuous belay system designed for long zip lines and adventure coursesOur safety equipment and harnesses can support up-to eighteen times our maximum participate weight limits. The cable connections are built with a four-time redundancy of full cable tensile strength and we use nothing smaller than 1/2 inch wire rope (cable) no matter how short the zip-line is. All of our courses are constructed with the QuickTrekker continuous closed belay system which prevents accidental disconnects so our courses are safer!
Safer Zip line in Georgia

Knowledgeable and Professionally Trained Staff

We provide extensive guide training to our staff.  All guides are CPR and Wilderness First Responder trained. Guides at Banning Mills are also trained in High Rescue techniques.

As a standard procedure before any Zip or Canopy adventure, guests must participate in a detailed safety course. Our guests must submit to a 20-30 minute live briefing on safety, how to use the gear, and what to do and not do. Our guests never go out by themselves and are always accompanied by a minimum of at least 2 qualified guides. Guests must meet weight, age, and physical requirements before being allowed out on the course (see the FAQ for restrictions).  All restrictions are in place for the safety of our guests and staff.

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Partner with Banning Mills

If you are interested in joining the zip line or adventure business, Banning Mills is always looking for new partners! We can help you design and build a world-class tour.

We also offer training for zip line canopy tour guides. Our workshops will allow training in advanced High Rescue techniques, right here at Banning Mills, the largest and most experienced course in the world. We can also help you receive CPR and Wilderness First Responder certifications.

If you would like or need information about zip line operations, safety equipment, training or construction, give us a call. No one in North America has been doing this longer or has more experience than us.  770-834-9149 or visit

American Adventure Park Systems

Due to the evolving adventure park industry, Screaming Eagle Tech has evolved into American Adventure Park Systems. Built on the strength of over 30 years combined experience, our team is ready to help you realize and accomplish your adventure park goals.

American Adventure Park Systems has been offering unique designs for the Adventure Park Industry. Our product lines offer state of the art innovations that focus on Safety, Simplicity and Unique designs that bring in customers and improve ROI. We are the proud builders of the largest zipline canopy tour in the world as verified by Guinness World records.  From consulting and design, construction/training, inspections and innovative products, see why American Adventure Park Systems is the team to choose.

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